Our staff are fully trained and understand the needs of our clients. We have a great mix of experience and trainees who are certified. We welcome all clientele and will try and adhere to your requests to give you the most amazing experience.


English Rose, Laura. sensual and sweet all in one.

Age: 26 Nationality: English Dress size: 10 Curvy Bust size: 34C Hair colour: Long Ombre Hair


A Caribbean cocktail providing you with the flair you need in your life.

Age: 26 Nationality: Mixed race: Half Caribbean and half English Dress: Curveycious size 10 Hair colour: Long dark hair Height: 5ft 8″      


Sensational Scarlet, who rocks the stilettos like a boss lady.

Age: 37 Nationality: English Dress Size: 8 Height: 5ft 5inches Bust: 32F Hair Colour: Blonde


Sexy seniorita with Spanish decent.

Age: 26 Nationality: Half English half Spanish Dress size: 8-10 Bust: 34/D Height: 5’10 Hair colour: short blond hair


A magical and spell binding Eastern European beauty.

Age: 30 Nationality: Polish Dress size: 10-12 Curvy Bust size: 34C Hair colour: Brunette Eye colour: Blue